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If you are thinking about joining our organization or would like to participate in a Lodge in Georgia, we are open to the opportunity to talk with you about it.

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Explore our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to gain a better understanding of Freemasonry.

  • What is Freemasonry?
    Freemasonry is founded on the principle that every individual carries a duty to contribute towards the improvement of the world. By fostering a culture of philanthropy, we have a significant impact on our fellow members, our loved ones, our local communities, our nation, and the prospects of future generations. Freemasons derive fulfillment from their involvement in an ancient fraternity with enduring traditions and fundamental principles that remain pertinent today and will continue to do so for generations yet to come.
  • Why become a Freemason?
    People are attracted to Freemasonry for a wide array of reasons. Some are drawn to the prospect of creating lasting friendships that endure throughout their lifetime, encompassing both the highs and lows of their personal journeys. Within the Freemasonry community, individuals encounter a diverse group of companions who differ in age, life experiences, and interests, all united by their shared Freemasonry involvement. Our members are selected from a broad spectrum of society, ranging from CEOs, professors, and doctors to manual labourers and forklift truck drivers. Consequently, Freemasonry is a melting pot of perspectives, representing various races, religions, social strata, and backgrounds. Additionally, some individuals derive great satisfaction from the ceremonial aspects of Freemasonry. Our gatherings incorporate ancient teachings centred on personal growth, guiding individuals in the pursuit of meaningful lives, sound decision-making, and self-improvement. A fundamental principle of Freemasonry is the commitment to assisting those less fortunate. Charity lies at the core of our mission, and many of our members devote their time and energy to helping those in need. Furthermore, Freemasonry offers a wealth of enjoyment along the journey. We come together to dine, socialise, and establish lifelong friendships that endure.
  • Who is allowed to join?
    Membership in the Masonic Lodge governed by the United Grand Lodge of Georgia is restricted to males who have reached the age of 21 or older.
  • What goes on in a Lodge Meeting?
    There are three 'degree ceremonies' conducted during Masonic gatherings, resembling one-act plays that impart valuable lessons on personal growth. Each play symbolises a distinct life stage. As an 'initiate' or Entered Apprentice, Freemasons are instilled with the idea of equality at birth. Life's variations in success teach the lesson that those who thrive should extend care to the less fortunate, forming the basis of our commitment to service. Progressing to the 'Fellow Craft' stage emphasises the significance of self-improvement. Finally, as a 'Master Mason,' the lesson centres on the singular nature of life and the wisdom in using it judiciously. While the ceremony details are available online, firsthand experience surpasses any description. Following the meetings, members casually dine together, relishing good food, fine wine, and each other's company. Above all, it is an opportunity to share in the joy of camaraderie.
  • Do you have to believe in a God?
    Upon entering Freemasonry, individuals are required to express a belief in a 'Supreme Being.' This requirement is intentionally formulated to be entirely inclusive. While the majority of our members typically hold beliefs in a God, which may be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or other, there is no mandate to actively practice any specific religion.
  • What is the biggest masonic lodge in Georgia?
    St. George Lodge №3 is the largest Masonic lodge in Georgia. Founded in 2013, the lodge holds regular labors on the East of the city of Tbilisi. For more information please visit the website.
  • Is there a masonic lodge in Batumi?
    W∴L∴ Prometheus #5 meets monthly on the East of Batumi. Founded in 2013 by the Grand Lodge of Turkey, W∴L∴ Prometheus #5 was subsequently transferred to the United Grand Lodge of Georgia in 2018. Since then, the lodge has been operating under the auspices of the United Grand Lodge of Georgia, incorporating the Turkish Rite and imparting a distinctive character to the lodge.


Tbilisi, Georgia

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