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Foreign Grand Lodges with Mutual Recognition by the United Grand Lodge of Georgia.

Regular Freemasonry is progressing within the territory of Georgia under the banner of the United Grand Lodge of Georgia, all while upholding a spirit of peace and harmony and adhering faithfully to the principles of the Ancient Landmarks, traditions, and customs of the craft.

The Grand Lodges listed below are part of the list of international lodges, mutually recognized by the United Grand Lodge of Georgia. In the context of Freemasonry, 'recognition' has a highly specialized meaning—it signifies that UGLG deems them to adhere to the established norms of Freemasonry, including their formation and practice. Consequently, UGLG welcomes the respective members of these recognized Grand Lodges to engage in fraternal visits with its own members.

Members interested in visiting a Lodge affiliated with any of the recognized Grand Lodges mentioned on this page should reach out to their respective Grand Lodge office for tailored guidance.

Members from other Grand Lodges should also keep this in mind and be aware that any communication received by the United Grand Lodge of Georgia will be responded to exclusively through their Grand Secretary/Grand Chancellor.

The List of Grand Lodges

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