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These principles collectively shape the moral and ethical foundation of Freemasonry, guiding members on a path of self-improvement, philanthropy, and brotherhood while promoting tolerance and respect for others.

Freemasonry employs construction symbolism to impart valuable life lessons that encourage members to lead purposeful lives that contribute positively to their communities. During the medieval period, stonemasons used aprons and gloves for protection while shaping raw stones. In contemporary society, Freemasons gather not to construct cathedrals or fortresses but to foster friendships and strengthen communities.

Guiding principles of Freemasonry

1 / At the core of the Brotherhood is the traditional belief in the Almighty, the Great Architect of the universe that does not contrary to religious beliefs and convictions, but rather integrates them in high humane aspirations.

2 / Brotherhood draws on traditional rituals and symbols, meticulously adhering to ancient traditions.
3 / Organisational Brotherhood is the Order to which only men are independent and honest that practice in her life the ideals of humanity and brotherhood in their deeper sense.
4 / Members of the Brotherhood of seeking to honestly observe rituals with their full symbolic meaning, as a way of knowledge, initiation and spiritual development, which is the fundamental ideals of the organization.
5 / Brotherhood makes its members spiritual self-enrichment, radiates through them to be very humanity to the human community.
6 / Brotherhood members undertake to respect the beliefs and faith of everyone to avoid confrontation in his circle of political or religious views, because it is based on brotherly harmony and mutual understanding.
7 / Members of the Brotherhood undertake the Book of the Sacred Word, to give them a solemn and consecrated character.
8 / Brotherhood members outside the profane world are in their closed circle, which always necessarily present three great luminaries Brotherhood - the Holy Book of Words Gavel and Compass - according to the principles of the Constitution of the World Brotherhood and traditional manner.
9 / Brotherhood takes his circle only fair and moral adults, able to grasp the immensity of knowledge.
10 / In his circle of members of the Brotherhood cherish love for his homeland, obedience of laws and respect for legitimate authority. They believe that their first duty - to honor all inspired work.
11 / Members of the Brotherhood commit to following their worthy and highly level not expose the essence of the spiritual foundations of the organization and spread its moral influence on the broad social circle.
12 / Brotherhood members are obliged without hesitation give each other a brotherly assistance by all the most difficult circumstances, even putting themselves in danger. They should always keep calm and balance of mind, required for the complete self control.
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